Information about processing cookies

Use of cookies and website analysis

In order to improve the functioning of our website, evaluation of its visitation rate and to optimise marketing activities, Regata Čechy uses cookies on its websites. Cookies are small text files which are saved locally via the browser in the computer through which the website is displayed.

Which cookies do we use?

Functional cookies - They are necessary for the functioning of the website, they cannot be disabled and we only inform the visitor about their presence.

Analytical cookies - They are linked to a field in the site settings that is used to link Google Analytics and are used to measure visits and movements on the site.  Consent to use them must be obtained.

Marketing cookies - These are linked to a field in the site settings that is used to connect to Google Tag Manager, through which you most often connect third-party scripts such as Facebook pixel, Adwords, etc.


Cookie name - type and function - source - storage period

SERVERID - Functional cookie - Ensures that the user is using the same server during a particular visit/session.  The cookie is set by the infrastructure provider and is a functional element. Solidpixels

CMS-{ID} - Functional cookie - Stores a unique identifier for a given session on the site. Solidpixels

CMS-{ID}-FE-language - Functional cookie - Stores a unique identifier for the selected language of the site. Solidpixels, 1 day

CMS-{ID}-FE-cookies_allow_ac - Functional cookie - The cookie stores the visitor’s consent settings for collecting analytics data about their movement around the site. Solidpixels, 5 years

CMS-{ID}-FE-cookies_allow_mc - Functional cookie - The cookie stores the visitor’s consent settings for collecting data for marketing purposes. Solidpixels, 5 years

CMS-{ID}-FE-cookies_notification -   Functional cookie - Stores information about whether a cookie bar has been confirmed in the past. Solidpixels, 5 years

_ga - Analytical cookie - This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as an identifier.  It is included in every page request on the site and is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analytics reports. Google, 2 years

_gat - Analytical cookie - The _gat cookie is used to limit analytics requests sent from your browser to Google services. Cookies have several limitations that may cause excessive reporting of user counts. Google, 1 day

_gid - Analytical cookie - Registers a unique identifier that is used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the site. Google, 1 day

_fbp - Marketing cookie - Used to track visits across Facebook websites. 3 months

_hjIncludedInSample - Analytical cookie - Used for web analytics by HotJar, identifies the visitor during the session. HotJarSession

_hjid - Analytical cookie - Stores a unique identifier of the site visitor. HotJar, 1 year

_dc_gtm_UA-* - Analytical cookie - Applies when Google Analytics is embedded via Google Tag Manager.  Has the same function as _gat. GoogleSession

_gcl_au - Marketing cookie - Detects advertising effectiveness within the sites a user visits. Google Adsense, 3 months

NID - Marketing cookie - Stores a unique identifier that identifies a returning user and is used for ad targeting. Google, 6 months

Google Analytics and Google AdWords

To analyse the websites using cookies, Regata Čechy, a.s. uses the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager service developed and operated by Google Inc., registered office at Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”).

Within the framework of the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager service, Regata Čechy, a.s. also uses the related advertising functions provided by Google, such as view reports in Google advertising networks, extended reporting of anonymous demographic data (e.g. age, sex, interests) or the displaying of advertising in the content network based on viewed products (“remarketing”), incl. Google AdWords services which serve to personalise advertising and improve advertising reach, and remarketing.