Legends at every step

This region has something special. The magic of romantic forests, the mystery of ravines and groves, the quiet murmur of the lake. And it doesn’t have to be a late evening on the first of May - to hear even the silent moss whispering of love during a walk in the area.

Bezděz Castle

The castle prison of Wenceslas II and key inspiration for Karel Hynek Mácha. Don’t miss it.

Staré Splavy

A famous recreational destination, the meeting point of the First Republic’s elite.


The main square in Doksy is a gentle 30-minute walk from the hotel.

Mysterious castles

Anywhere you go, it’s steeped in history. The silhouette of the ruins of Bezděz castle will stir your fancy, even when seen from the hotel terrace.

There are other castles nearby: Houska, Kokořín and Ralsko, where you might spot the Headless Knight. Especially at night.

Beaches and fishing

The grounds of Hotel Port offer a private sandy and grassy hotel beach with free access for hotel guests.

Fishing has also been permitted on the lake - all you need to do is buy a permit from us. We will lend you the fishing gear.

Check the other activities

For families

When your children get tired of the lake and pool, take them to the kids’train in nearby Doksy, which is also home to the Čtyřlístek Museum.

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What do you feel like today? Sauna, steam bath, pool or straight to the jacuzzi? Maybe today is the right time for a massage.

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Water and sports grounds

Cruise around the lake on a steamboat or in a boat on your own. On dry land, play tennis, beach volleyball, mini golf, netball, petanque...

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What if it rains?

Then it’s good for nature. And you can visit the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, get a massage, go bowling... or play badminton on the court.

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